Fixing the PAX A35 terminal License screen

Fixing the PAX A35 terminal License screen


If you're seeing ANY of the following symptoms, you will want to take actions outlined below. Otherwise it is a nuisance to your customers (and with older version of the VAC software, payment processing altogether will not work)

Symptom 1:

Symptom 2:
The credit card terminal shows a Home screen with App icons. You don't want the Payment terminal to be on this screen (see Actions below)

Symptom 3:
The credit card terminal shows the END-USER LICENSE screen.


Someone will need to be on-site for this.

If you see the END-USER LICENSE screen, put a checkmark into the "I have accepted the EULA, Don't prompt again" checkbox on the bottom left. Only then press Agree.
If you don't put the checkmark, this problem will come back on any future restart of any software/hardware on the kiosk.

If you don't see this License screen, and instead see the Home screen with App icons, reboot the payment terminal and watch closely as it reboots. After about 30 seconds, it should show the License screen. If the screen remains on Home screen with App icons after the reboot, call or email Laundroworks as we may need to update one of the applications on the terminal. 

You want the terminal screen to have the PAX logo with Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc, like this:

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