Reload Bonuses

Reload Bonuses

You can configure the Value Add Center (VAC) to add an extra bonus value to the laundry card's balance whenever certain value purchase criteria is met. There are several options to control when and how much bonus value is added. Here are just some examples of bonuses you can configure:
  1. Get a $3 bonus for every $50 reloaded. 
  2. Get a $1 bonus if loading $20 or more using cash with any denomination
  3. Get a $1 bonus for using a $20 bill
  4. Double Your Money  (In this case simply set both the bonus amount and the threshold amount to $1)

The configuration of the bonuses is done through Configuration page of the Value Add Center on the web Portal. Click the wrench icon:

(You’ll want to repeat the same configuration in case you have multiple VACs)

Click  Edit VAC Settings and then scroll to the Bonus section. You can enable one of the options from the  Bonus Configuration control.

Most customers use either the Cash Only option or the Cash and Credit/Debit option.
This incentives the customers to load more money and therefore increasing your total 

Bonus Configuration 

Option 1: Disabled (Default)
No value-based reload bonus promotion is enabled. 

Option 2: Cash Only
Provides a bonus value whenever a threshold amount is reached or exceed – when using cash only. The value is cumulative ONLY during the card reload/purchase session (e.g when card is inside card holder). For example, consider a threshold of $20 and a bonus of $1. If a customer inserts a $10 bill, and then two $5 bills, a $1 bonus will be awarded. But if a customer inserts one $10 bill, takes out the laundry card, and places it back, that $10 bill will not have accrued towards the bonus.

The goal of this configuration is to encourage customers to reload a larger amount and do so using cash vs credit cards.

Option 3: Cash and Credit/Debit

Same as above but works with both cash and credit/debit.

For a Double Your Money promotion (which appears to be commonly used in the industry when promoting a new store), simply set the both Value Threshold to $1 and Value of Bonus to $1

Option 4: Cash and Credit/Debit - Cumulative (Legacy - NOT recommended)
Same as Cash and Credit/Debit configuration, but the amount that accrues towards the bonus is persistent between reloads and visits to the store. For example, consider a threshold of $20 and a bonus of $1. If a customer adds $10 one day, and then adds $20 another day, the customer will be given a $1 bonus and be only $10 away from the next bonus.

This bonus configuration is akin to a points/loyalty program (but in our implementation we use actual dollars instead of points and we redeem for bonus dollars automatically when the threshold is reached)

We no longer recommend this option. 

Option 5: Big Bill Bonus
If you wish to encourage use of bigger bills (e.g to reduce your collections), you can enable the Big Bill Bonus. This awards a bonus value whenever a specific bill denomination is deposited. You can configure multiple denominations to trigger different bonuses. For example, a $20 bill gives a $3 bonus whereas a $10 bill gives only a $1 bonus (you can also use 50 dollar and 100 dollar bills, if your bill validators supports them).

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