EDC Washers (SCxxEC)

EDC Washers (SCxxEC)

This article covers old EDC control Alliance washers. Typical model numbers are SCxxEC (where xx is the size).

Parts required

  1. Reader (with Generic Relay board)
  2. 12V power supply adapter
  3. Cable harness (02-06-92)


  1. Before proceeding, you should assign numbers to each of the machines in the laundry room/building. It is highly recommended that you place number labels on each washer and dryer machine.

  2. Set the machine type and number using the DIP switch on the back of the reader board.
    See article: 
    Reader DIP Switch settings

  3. Turn machine power OFF!

  4. Cut the coin-drop cable harness, leaving the connection to the control board (on connector H4)

  5. Splice the cable harness wires to the coin-drop harness from Step 4 above as follows

    Reader harnessCoin-drop harness
    H4 pin number

  6. Connect the 12V power supply AC side safely inside the washer (110V or 220V). 

  7. Proceed to secure the reader to the machine and then Activate the card reader with the Activation Card:

Vend price control

The reader sends one pulse to the control. Set the washer to start from just one pulse by setting the vend price on the washer to $0.01 or by setting the value of coin1 to equal vend price (the former is recommended).

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