Management Card and other System cards

Management Card and other System cards

System cards refers to cards any card that is not a regular user (or store) card. This includes the Management card, Activation Card, Collection Card.
If you misplace any System card, you can create a new one by following the instructions in our Creating System Cards article.

Management Card

This card (labeled Property Management Card) does a few things:
  1. Starts machines for free.
    It has an unlimited balance. It is commonly used by attendants for Wash and Fold. The card has a 10-digit number and is fully tracked online, just like regular user cards. Wash/dry cycles started using the management card do NOT accrue under the revenue accounts in the web reporting system; the cycles accrue under the Management Card use accounts.

  2. Administrative use at the Value Add Center (Touch screen models ONLY!)
    The management card can be used to add value (or change the balance) of any user card directly at the VAC. It can also be used to dispense new cards with value. Simply place the card into the card holder and enter the 4-digit PIN.

    Note: Provide the Full Access PIN to the card holder to allow them to carryout balance updates and the dispersement of cards.
             The Limited Access PIN limits them to Status and Employee Tracking features.

    Below is a picture of what the Management Card screen looks like when using the Full Access PIN vs using the Limited Access PIN:

4-digit PIN

Each management card is protected by a 4-digit PIN when used at the VAC.
You can obtain the card’s PIN from the Portal, by clicking the Card PINs link and entering the 10-digit number on the back of the card. 

  1. The PIN cannot be changed. Every Management Card has different 4-digit PIN.
  2.  If you don't want store attendants using the Management card for add value to cards, simply do not disclose the PIN
  3. If a Management card is lost, you can ban it, just like a regular user card. 

Management Cards verses Administered Cards:

On your Laundro Portal, you will see an option called Administrated Accounts under your Management Tools section:

This is a section where you are able to apply a specified discount to any regular user laundry card.
See our article about Discount Cards/Administered Accounts for more information about the Administered Accounts section.

If you are looking for a list of all the Management Cards associated with your store, you can use the Card Report.
See our article about the Card Report for more information.

Collection Card

This card is used to track cash collections and reset the bill counters.
When collecting cash from the bill acceptor inside the VAC, simply place this card into the VAC's card holder and the system will register a collection with the system, and display the message Coll Registered and then Remove Card on the VACs display:

Once you see the Remove Card message, you can remove the collection card from the VAC card holder.

Registering a collection tells the online system to reset the counters that are displayed on the VACs status section of the Laundro Portal:

It will also generate a collection report that can be viewed inside the Collection Report, which shows how many bills and total money that should have been collected.

Use of the collection card is not required, but whenever you collect cash from the bill acceptor, it is recommended that you present the Collection Card to the VAC so that you can benefit from cash reporting and audits.

Note: If you forget to use the Collection Card during a cash collection, this will throw off the next Collection Reports figures.
If you notice that a collection report was missed, it is recommend that you empty the cash box and register a new collection to reset all of the counters
so that any following collection reports will record accurate figures.

Activation Card

This card is used to activate readers (and sometimes the VAC) with identification and security information related to your location.
It is only used during new system installation or to activate equipment that is showing a "Not Activated" message on it's display. 

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