Configuring Settings in the Value Add Center

Configuring Settings in the Value Add Center

There are a number of settings that can be changed in the Value Add Center to control such things as credit card purchases limits, bonuses/promotions, and the cost of a newly dispensed laundry card.

To access these settings, log into your Laundro Portal and click on the wrench icon for the VAC you want to adjust settings ON:

usually any changes you make to 1 VAC, you will also want to make the same changes on all other VACs in your location so that they all operate in the same manner
Note: if you can't find your VACs on the Laundro Portal page, you may not be on the Main Laundro Portal page.
Click on Locations in the black bar section on the left hand side of the Portal
then click on your location address to be brought to the Main Laundro Portal page for your location

Then click the Edit VAC Settings button to bring up the following dialog box:

If you have multiple VACs, you'll want to make sure that any settings changes to make to one VAC, you also make the same settings changes on all the other VACs in your location, so that all VACs operate in the same manner.

Below is an overview of some commonly-configured VAC settings.

Dispensed Card Price

This is the price that customers will be charged when purchasing a new card.
The VAC will subtract this value from the payment and write the resulting value as the initial card balance as the card is being dispensed.
For example, if this value is set to $1 (the default), and if a customer uses a $20 bill for a new card, then the new card will be dispensed with $19.

Many system operators set this value to $0 to encourage new customers.
Note: If dispensed card price is set to $0, customers will still need to pay payment in order to receive a card.

Card Replacement Fee (touch screen VACs only)

This is the price that customers will be charged when using the Replace Card feature on VACs equipped with a touch screen.
Customers are only able to use the Replace Card feature, if their lost card has enough balance remaining on it to cover the replacement fee.
For customers that have a balance lower than the replacement fee, you will have to manually replace their card for them
Note: It is strongly recommended that you charge some nominal fee for replacement cards.
Setting this fee to $0 could result in customers abusing the replacement card feature

Credit Card Preset Buttons (5 Values) (touch screen VACs Only)

This setting has 2 purposes on VACs equipped with a touch screen:
 - Sets the preset button values that customers will see when paying by credit/debit
 - Sets the minimum purchase amount for customers that are paying by credit/debit

The values in this setting should always be listed in ascending order.
The first value that is entered in this setting, will also dictate the minimum purchase amount for credit/debit card purchases.
The default values are shown above, but if you'd like to lower the minimum purchase amount to $5 for example, you would change the first preset value from "10" to "5":

Note: the settings Credit/Debit Purchase Increment, Credit/Debit Purchase Starting Value,
and Credit/Debit Purchase Max Value have no effect on VACs with a touch screen.

Credit/Debit Purchase Increment/Starting Value/Max Value (non-touch screen VACs only)

- Purchase Increment controls the dollar increment step whenever the Value push-button is pressed
- Starting Value dictates what the minimum purchase amount is for credit/debit transactions
as well as what value the system defaults to during new card purchases
- Max Value dictates the maximum purchase amount that a customer can make during credit/debit card transactions
Note: the Credit Card Preset Buttons (5 values) setting has no effect on VACs without a Touch screen


Bonus Configuration is discussed in this dedicated article:  Reload Bonuses
Free Balance Display is discussed in this dedicated article: Free Dry Promotion
Promo Code Display is discussed int his dedicated article: Setting Up Promo Code Campaign

Credit Card Surcharge

You can configure the VAC to add a surcharge to transactions made using credit/debit cards.
For instance, if you configure a surcharge of $0.50, and the customer wants to add $20 onto the laundry card by using a credit card, the customer would need to pay $20.50. 

To set a credit/debit card surcharge, you first need to select your preferred Surcharge Configuration:

If you select a configuration that does not specify a threshold, simply enter the surcharge amount into the Credit/Debit Surcharge Percentage or Credit/Debit Surcharge Flat Amount fields.

If you select a configuration that does specify a threshold, you will also need to set a threshold amount:

Any credit/debit card transactions, that are for a value that is below your threshold amount, will be charged your configured surcharge amount.
Note: Whether you are legally allowed to charge a surcharge, on credit/debit card purchases, is dependant on where your store is located.
Please consult your local authority on fee regulations to find out if you're able to set a surcharge in your store.

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