Getting Started

Getting Started

There are few important things to know when getting started with the Laundroworks system.

Web Portal

The Portal is a web-based application used to manage your Laundroworks card system.
It provides extensive real-time reporting, and can be used for troubleshooting and configuring the many parameters of the card system, including vend prices and promotions.
It can be accessed by a mobile browsers, but works best with laptop/desktop web browsers.

Your login and password is provided through your dealer or inside an introductory email. 
Once you've logged in, the Portal will bring you to the Locations tab by default. This is where you'll be able to see your store location(s):

Clicking on a location's address will bring you to the Main Laundro Portal page for that store location.

Below you will see the Main Laundro Portal page, and a few important tools within the Portal:

Value Add Center (VAC) status.

If the system detects issues with the VAC such as loss of internet connectivity, they will be reported in the Status field.

You can look up common error messages using this article: Reader and Value Add Center (VAC) Error Messages

Use this tool to get the usage history of specific cards using the 10-digit number printed on the back of every card. The Card Tracker can also be used to add value to cards (e.g refunds), ban cards, and more. It is extremely useful for investigating customers issues
Reader/VAC Log.

These are detailed log for transactions at the readers and the VAC. They can be used in addition to Card Tracker to investigate issues
Vend pricing and reader settings control

See: Configuring Vend Prices


You must provide your Support ID when contacting us.  Your Support ID can be found on the left side of the web Portal

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