Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I order more laundry cards?

New laundry card orders are made through your dealer.
If your dealer requires your Card-ID, this will usually be found on the back-side, in the lower right corner:

Contact our support team if you do not know who your dealer is. 

Where can I buy more receipt printer paper?

Please review this article: Receipt Printer and Paper

What bonus and promotional features do you have?

  1. Reload bonuses
  2. Free Dry (Washers give monies towards dryers)
  3. Time-of-Day/Week vend price discounts
  4. Account-specific discounts (e.g 10% all washers)
  5. Promo Code campaigns

How do I get more Management Cards?  

You can convert a regular User laundry card into a new Management card.
See our: Creating System Cards article for more information.

Can I reuse discarded/returned laundry cards?

Yes, simply put them back into the VAC's card dispenser.
The VAC will automatically reset the balance (and any associated registered information) before the card is re-dispensed to a new customer.
- Past usage history will not be removed, it will persist for the Card
- System Cards (i.e. Management Cards) will be reverted to regular user cards upon being re-dispensed

How do I ban or block cards from being used?

Please review this article: Banned Cards

How can I add value to a card's balance (e.g. for a refund)?

There are two ways;
  1. Log into the Laundro Portal, and use the Card Tracker to make a Load Value request
  2. If you have a VAC with a touch monitor, you can use your Management card to access the administration area and then add value directly to the user's card.

How do I handle customers who've lost their laundry card?

If the customer did not register the card, the situation is difficult as you would have to search for their card using the Laundry Card number.
If the customer did registered their card, you can do a reverse look-up for the card number on the web Portal.
Simply enter the user's registered phone, or full e-mail address, in Card TrackerRegistration allows you to perform a reverse look-up for the card to ascertain the card's remaining balance.
Once the balance is ascertained, you can Ban the lost card and then Dispense a new card for this customer with the correct balance loaded onto it.

Alternatively, if you have a VAC equipped with a touch screen, any customer who's registered their card, prior to losing it, can get a replacement card from the VAC kiosk directly by using the Replace Card button. 
When customer's use the replace card feature, they will be charged a replacement card fee, which you can set up in the VAC configuration settings:

Note: It is strongly recommended that you do NOT set the card replacement fee to $0

How do I handle customers who didn't receive a card, or added value, from a VAC?

Please review our article that discusses how to check the VAC logs for transaction errors

Can I punch a hole in the card?  

No. The card contains an antenna and an electronic chip inside, so punching a hole could break the card.
We recommend using a transparent card sleeve instead.

How do I get support?

You can email our support team at:
or give our support team a call: 1-888-629-8620

What is warranty and replacement process?

The warranty is 2 years on all parts except for the PAX payment terminal, which is 1 year. Please review the warranty and replacement process article before contacting us a replacement. 

What is the capacity of the Bill acceptor in my VAC?
This depends on the kind of Bill acceptor in your VAC.
Most of our US clients have the Coinco model with 1,100 bill capacity.
In some cases it may also be of 900 bill capacity.

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